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New Mexico Crochet Guild

serves Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas and is a chapter of the Crochet Guild of America

Our Goal Is To Teach and Preserve the Art of Crochet

All levels of expertise are welcome, from beginners to experts to designers.

Chapter dues are $20.00 for the calendar year due in January of each year.

Contact Information for the New Mexico Crochet Guild

Our website is:

Our e-mail address is:  [email protected]

Our mailing address is:  P.O. Box 37018, Albuquerque, NM  87176-7018

Our President is Shirley, Vice President is Lyn, Secretary is Lynn and Treasurer is Connie

For Information, please call:

Shirley at (505) 268-8747 or Lyn at (505) 294-8082

In Santa Fe, Call Allison 505-471-0642



We meet at on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 1:30pm to 4:30 pm.  We meet at Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church located at 8600 Academy NE (east of Wyoming) in the Adult Building, Room 407.   After a business meeting, we have a program as described on this list:   


JANUARY: Connie's Covered Hangers

FEBRUARY:  Amigurumi (stuffed creatures)

The March Meeting and the April Meeting have been cancelled.

The May Meeting has been cancelled.

MARCH: Making Garments Part One

APRIL: Waterfall Crochet and Yarn Sale

MAY: Making Garments Part 2

JUNE: NEW Corner to Corner or Making Garments Part 2

JULY: Join As You Go

AUGUST: Borders

SEPTEMBER: Pattern Writing and Yarn Sale


NOVEMBER:  Open House (Learn to Crochet)

DECEMBER:  Holiday Potluck. Bring your Favorite Dish 

All programs subject to change.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN TO CROCHET??   Please come to our meeting on November 21, 2020 at 2:00 pm and learn.  If you have never crocheted before OR if you need to brush up on your skills - this is for YOU.   There are pictures on this website of people who have attended past Open Houses, so please check it out.

DO YOU NEED A CERTAIN PATTERN???  Maybe you need a pattern for a bath mat, a lamp shade, a sweater in plus size, a vest in child's size, a winter hat, a beaded necklace or a triangle shawl.  The Crochet Guild Library has got thousands of patterns -- so if you are in need of a certain kind of pattern, please contact our Librarian Pat T. and ask for the pattern.  She can probably find the exact one you need, in fact she could probably find 5 that you might need!!!  There is also a pattern club in which our Librarian sends out oodles of wonderful patterns.  Please note that you must be a paid member in order to receive these wonderful services, so join now.

The New Mexico Crochet Guild supports several community programs. 

Many members in our guild are involved with community service programs.  Currently we are in process of collecting the following items:

Premie Blankets (24x24 inches) and Premie Baby Hats - please use very soft yarn - give to Tammy 

Lap Afghans (sizes 36-40 inches sqaure or rectangular) which are donated to the University of New Mexico Cancer Center

Chemo Caps (various sizes) also donated to the University of New Mexico Cancer Center - give to Ruth

Anything to do with babies - hats, sweaters, blankets, booties - give to Ruth

Any kind of hat, scarf or item for homeless -- give to Tammy.

The Guild has periodic challenges in which members are asked to crochet a specific item which will be donated to charity. In the past, items have been:  preemie baby blankets donated to hospitals and chemo hats donated to cancer centers.  Currently the challenge is to crochet scarves to be donated to non-profit organizations.  Children's scarves are to be 4.5 to 6 inches wide and 36 to 48 inches long.  Adult scarves are to be 4.5 to 6 inches wide and 54 to 66 inches long.


      A member in good standing may apply for grant monies totaling up to $250.00 to help pay for enrollment in a crochet class, instructor fees for that specific class, or supplies purchased by the student and required for completion of that specific class.

      A member in good standing may apply for grant monies only once in a one year period.

 An applicant must provide a signed and dated letter, to the New Mexico Crochet Guild (NMCG) President, detailing an explanation of why they are applying for the grant, how monies are to be utilized, what they hope to learn from this class, where class is being taught and who will be the instructor.

       The request will be reviewed by the President and the Executive Board, who will render their decision.  Once monies are approved, a signed copy of the letter is to be given to the Treasurer for release of funds. 

      Applicant will receive a response within thirty (30) days as to whether the grant has been approved or turned down. 

      If approved, after class completion a full report will be provided to the NMCG President.   The recipient will be expected to demonstrate to the guild members, at a membership meeting, what they learned when they took their class.

      The applicant must fulfill the above mentioned requirements within a year or grant monies will be returned to the NMCG and they will be applied back to the Dot Drake Scholarship Grant.